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User Experience Manager | Qualtrics | 2016-Present

  • Manage team of UX researcher and design professionals.
  • Responsible for Qualtrics' user research program; designed and oversaw Qualtrics UX research baseline and monitoring program.
  • Responsible for the user experience of the CX product line.
  • Responsible for personnel management, talent acquisition, and resource planning.

Advisory Board  | Human-Centered Design, U of Washington | 2016-Present

User Experience Manager | Alaska Airlines | 2014-2016

  • Managed Alaska Airline's team of 12 UX and VX designers/researchers.
  • Responsible for the design of Alaska's $2.5B+ e-commerce site; oversaw a comprehensive site redesign.
  • Interim manager for Alaska's self-service team, in charge of iOS and Android apps, and airport kiosks.
  • Responsible for the visual design of major sale creative; launched a coordinated, cross-channel rebranding of Alaska's digital experiences.
  • Propose, monitor, and respond to A/B test results; oversee site usability testing (more than 500 customers in 1 year).
  • Responsible for UX/VX personnel management, talent acquisition, and resource planning

User Experience Manager | | 2014

  • Manage an international team of 12 UX designers and researchers (9 direct, 3 dotted-line) in support of Amazon's "Your Account," "Your Orders," "Help," "Contact Us" and internal Customer Relationship Management tools.
  • Manage the user experience of those properties across desktop and mobile and internationally.
  • Expanded UX research program to Asia and Europe.
  • Mentor to 1 UX manager, 1 UX researcher and 1 research intern.

Sr. User Experience Researcher | | 2013-2014

  • Conducted user experience research to improve customers' experience with key features of the site and set product direction.
  • Created low fidelity interaction design concepts and conducted user research for internal tools.
  • Spearheaded the use of RITE and guerrilla research methods & co-created the Customer Service user research program.
  • Mentor to 1 UX designer and 1 UX intern.

User Experience Associate Technical Fellow | The Boeing Company | 2011-2013

  • Set enterprise software design direction and led user experience teams as an Associate Technical Fellow, a designation awarded to the top 2% of Boeing employees
  • Provided UX leadership on various enterprise projects: Led 4 user researchers in a mixed-methods usability evaluation of software used to design aircraft; Led a 3 person team in creating a vision for Boeing's airplane manufacturing software;  led a 10 person team in the creation of Boeing’s mobile and desktop software style guides.
  • Mentored 3 user experience professionals and a Carnegie Mellon Human-Computer Interaction graduate student capstone team
  • Received Boeing's top annual performance rating ("exemplary") for 2 years. Fewer than 10% of employees receive this rating
  • Awarded 1 US patent, 4 Boeing Achievement awards, 4 Boeing Accomplishment awards, and 3 Boeing Appreciation awards for outstanding performance

Instructor: Human-Centered Design and Engineering | U. of Washington | 2013

  • Led 50 undergraduates through user experience theory, research, and design projects while working full-time at Boeing.

Sr. User Experience Designer | The Boeing Company | 2007-2010

  • Led a 25 person team in a user-centered redesign of Boeing’s employee and supplier portals, using contextual inquiry, interviewing, A/B usability testing, low- and high-fidelity prototyping
  • Led 7 researchers in a contextual inquiry of the 787 production line to identify opportunities for increased production 
  • Led an 8 person team in the creation of Boeing's Web Applications and Portals style guide; the guide had more than 5,000 downloads in the first 8 months of its existence (award)
  • Mentored 6 professionals and graduate students in user-centered design, research techniques, and leadership
  • Led a 6 person team in the design of a web delivery system for Boeing’s employee services, using stakeholder interviews, user research, personas, and prototyping
  • Co-developed a enterprise authentication tool; Developed the user interface for MyTelecom (featured in Boeing Frontiers). 
  • Mentored 3 Boeing employees in user-centered design
  • Awarded 7 Boeing Achievement awards, 7 Boeing Accomplishment awards, 5 Boeing Appreciation awards  for performance; awarded 1 cash award for leadership on a 25 person, year-long design project

Human Factors Specialist | The Boeing Company | 2005-2007

  • Conducted user research, usability testing, and prototyping for Boeing’s hiring system
  • Researched and designed Boeing’s pay and benefits statement (featured in Boeing Frontiers)
  • Developed UI specifications for internet, intranet and handheld applications and oversaw and conducted qualitative and quantitative user research 
  • Awarded 1 Boeing Achievement award, and 3 Boeing Accomplishment awards for outstanding performance

Web Specialist / Technical Communicator | FMC Technologies | 1998-2005

  • Helped design & implement a web content management system.
  • Helped envision, research, design, launch, and manage an international aftermarket e-commerce site (read a 2002 article about the site). Site localized for the USA, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Canada, and the UK.
  • Oversaw a comprehensive redesign of the corporation's Web presence (; site design--and corporate name--has changed since my departure).
  • Conducted usability studies on company intranet sites, internet sites, and software applications
  • Generated low- & high-fidelity prototypes of websites, web services, applications and control panels
  • Managed company website and oversaw a comprehensive site redesign
  • Letter of Recommendation for my work at FMC Technologies


Ph.D. | Human-Centered Design & Engineering | U. of Washington

Master's | Human-Centered Design & Engineering | U. of Washington

  • GPA: 3.8/4.0 while working full time at FMC Technologies

Bachelor's | Education | Arizona State University

  • Dean’s list 1995-97


  • Amazon Customer Service "Roots" leadership training (2013)
  • Cooper Visual Interface Design workshop (2008)
  • Cooper Interaction Design workshop (2010)
  • Boeing Leadership Forum, a nomination-based training program for prospective managers and executives 

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download resume.

Download a copy of my resume in PDF format.