about me.

For more than 15 years I have led large scale user experience design and research teams and projects. I headed UX at Alaska Airlines, leading the web team through a major redesign and a rebranding; I led UX for Amazon.com features such as order history, order emails, and CRM; and I headed-up its software and mobile design standards for Boeing (and designed aircraft manufacturing and maintenance software). I'm currently leading the UX team at Qualtrics focused on improving how businesses understand and act on customer feedback. I thrive working on complex business problems.

My specialty is UX team leadership. I pride myself on building and leading highly effective, empowered UX teams and setting product vision.  I love strategy, vision, and planning as much as I like discussing interaction design and user research.

Lastly, I have an academic background in UX, with a Ph.D. and Master's from the Department of Human-Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington, where I serve on the department's advisory board. (I also gave its 2017 graduation address with a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style speech.)

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Jerrod Larson
Bellevue, Washington, USA  

Photo:  Maxine Toh