I'm a UX leader, author, and speaker with experience leading UX research and design teams and designing great products at Google, Amazon, Alaska Airlines, and Qualtrics. 



Alaska Airlines' eCommerce redesign

In 2014 I led the effort to redesign Alaska Airlines' $3 billion eCommerce website, Alaskaair.com. This included modernizing the experience, making the site responsive, and making the site W3C WCAG 2.0 accessible.


Data vis/Dashboard redesign

In 2017 I led the effort to redesign Qualtrics’ data visualization/dashboard offerings. This included updating the visual language, improving information hierarchy, and improving navigation and filter UI.

Qualtrics dashboard homepage highlight.png

Responsive web page design

In 2015 I led the effort to convert Alaska Airlines' informational web pages to a responsive design.


"Premium Class" experience design

In 2016 I led the creation of the discovery/purchase
experience for Alaska's new "Premium Class." 



UX monitoring system

In 2017 I led a team to create a comprehensive UX monitoring system for a SaaS company based on in-product surveys. 




In 2015 I led the effort to create a set of data-driven personas for Alaska Airlines.


Firms I've worked for: